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Since the start of the pandemic, work processes have had to be readjusted. Aroma Molecules also saw this as an opportunity and completely revised both the Perfumers’ Compendium and the Ingredient Finder.

Since the middle of last year, it has been virtually impossible to take business trips, let alone go to trade shows, so the Aroma Molecules Division has been relying on a digital presentation format to promote its new fragrance Lilybelle®. To accompany this, customers receive specifically designed boxes containing not only the demo fragrances but also the freshly printed new edition of the Perfumers’ Compendium. The Compendium’s content has been updated and it has been completely redesigned and artistically arranged. All eleven chapters, sorted by fragrance group, are now introduced with watercolors by artist Philipp Zurmöhle.

“It resonates with many customers when we represent chemical content artistically and provide our reference guide with this kind of feeling,” says Antonia Lauter, Global Marketing Manager in Aroma Molecules. “The interplay between a fresh design and a clear, logical structure, reminiscent of the periodic table of elements, also makes using it an experience.” The fragrance Lilybelle® has already been presented online more than 90 times, and 795 boxes have been sent to internal and external perfumers in 20 countries. This feat would hardly have been possible without the packaging assistance of lab colleagues Karina Grützner and Silke Oppermann as well as apprentice Nicole Meyer.

Customers are delighted with the Perfumers’ Compendium.”

Antonia Lauter, Global Marketing Manager Aroma Molecules

NEW FILTER OPTIONS At the same time, the digital Ingredient Finder, which includes all raw materials from the Aroma Molecules division, has been updated. For almost a year, the team led by Antonia Lauter, Monika Glaubitz and Dr. Marcus Eh worked on preparing information on a total of 266 raw materials in a user-friendly and informative way. The product search is divided into perfumery, flavor and pharma categories. Symrise employees as well as customers can find all raw materials by entering their chemical name or their CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) registry number, or by searching alphabetically. “But the new filter options also really help when you’re searching,” says Antonia. The special taste or scent wheels can be used to search directly for floral scents or savory flavoring sub­stances, for example. “The various filters can be combined with each other for a targeted search.

For example, it now takes just a few clicks to identify a raw material that smells of citrus notes, works stably in body lotion and is also renewable,” explains Antonia. As in the new Compendium, each raw material is now accompanied by detailed data sheets containing all important information. In the flavor category for example, the search can be limited to natural flavor ingredients; in the perfumery category, “renewable” and “high impact” can be entered as additional options if desired. The “biodegradability” indicator will soon be added. In addition, users can request raw material samples directly in the Ingredient Finder with a single click.

“Not only are all the important work tools now presented in a visually consistent and modern way, but all raw material data is also finally available in print and online for employees and customers alike,” says Antonia. “We are extremely satisfied with the result.”

The content of the new Perfumers’ Compendium has been updated and it has been completely redesigned and artistically arranged. Its eleven chapters are sorted by fragrance group. All of them are introduced with a watercolor by artist Philipp Zurmöhle.

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