A process as a catalyst

Two business units operated according to the concept of integrated corporate management during the pilot phase of SYMPLE, with visible successes throughout the value chain. This is a blueprint for the entire organization.

Symrise is on a growth course – despite market turbulence caused by the global pandemic. The decisive factor for positive corporate development is sound management decisions, which are also made on the basis of integrated business management (“IBM” for short). “I am convinced that IBM is the right process to enable our organization to achieve the overall strategic goals of growth, profitability and cash flow while minimizing risks,” says Walter Ribeiro, Global SVP Supply Chain & Procurement, Flavor.

IBM, formerly integrated business planning (IBP), is a structured decision-making and management process. It organizes the elements of the value chain into three “reviews”: In the product review, product management and development activities are managed for a successful, profitable portfolio. The commercial review deals with customers and markets and the best possible sales strategies. Finally, the supply review – the supply chain – has the responsibility to provide the planned quantities of products on time at the predicted costs. Through ongoing coordination in the “integrated reconciliation” process, a common view of the future is developed. This optimizes the overall contribution to value creation and to the achievement of strategic corporate goals.

“With IBM, we learn from each other and thereby establish best practices along the entire value chain. This increases our efficiency, which has a positive effect on our cost structure,” as Dr. Daniel Ibarra, SVP Sales & Global Marketing, Cosmetic Ingredients, makes clear. Companies that integrate business management well are more efficient and more effective, and they make more money than those that don’t.

Flavor EAME and Cosmetic Ingredients both experienced this during the pilot phase and therefore want to continue with the program. “We learned valuable lessons that we will take into account as we roll out IBM to other divisions and regions,” says Kai Kessler, Director Integrated Business Management, confidently.

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