Sabine Rieke and Friedrich-Wilhelm Micus present the first campaign poster.


Fewer disposables and less plastic

Starting in Summer 2021, the EU will ban many single-use plastic items. Symrise is already launching a sustainability campaign in Holzminden.

Missing: Plastic cups. Searching is futile.” is written in big letters on the poster hanging in a hallway in the Symrise headquarters in Holzminden. Below, in smaller letters, is the explanation. From July 3, 2021, the EU will prohibit many disposable plastic items. One way in which Symrise supports this effort is by replacing almost all plastic cups in quality control with compostable cups made of recycled material. This initiative can reduce waste by approximately 300,000 plastic cups every year.

The poster is part of a sustainability campaign that Symrise launched at its sites in early 2021. “We’re doing this to direct the attention of our employees to this complex topic in a light manner,” says Sabine Rieke, Quality Control Sensory Flavor, who designed the campaign. “We want to inspire them to conserve resources more effectively and act more responsibly.”

There are currently six versions In addition to the plastic motif; in humorous ways, they announce that Symrise is banning disposable packaging in its cafeteria, and that the Oral Care department replaced plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones starting in 2020, for example. By contrast, other posters promote behavioral changes. For instance, they point out that there are alternatives to liquid shampoo, and that reducing one’s consumption of meat by half can save large amounts of water and reduce CO2 emissions.

According to Friedrich-Wilhelm Micus, who is responsible for sustainability communication within the company, the medium-term goal is to get the employees across the entire Group to participate. “Our sustainability approach pursues clear strategic goals, which we want to communicate not only externally but also internally.”

To achieve this, not just the posters but all internal media will be utilized, including the Team Spirit employee magazine and digital channels. The focus will always be on motivating the employees to participate, says Micus. “We will only be able to tackle the great tasks presented by climate change by acting together.”

We will only be able to tackle the great tasks presented by climate change by acting together.“

Friedrich-Wilhelm Micus, Head of sustainability communication

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