Finding the right image

Corporate Communications will use new software for the Symrise Media Center starting in April. With this new tool, archiving and searching for suitable images will be centralized and simplified.

Photos are an essential part of a company’s external and internal communication. They should be well managed and archived so that using them is effective. For a Group like Symrise with global operations, decentralized organization and very different segments and business units, this is a real challenge.

Individual business units regularly purchase stock photos for illustration in addition to photos taken by Symrise or on the company’s behalf. If this huge number of images is not sorted and indexed in one system, it becomes a confusing tangle where no one can find what they need and the copyright situation is frequently unclear.

For this reason, Corporate Communications is using new software for the Symrise Media Center (SMC) starting in April. The new platform behind the SMC is much more than just an image database; it’s a digital asset management tool that provides good options for structuring and indexing all kinds of digital media.

STARTUP WITH MORE THAN 2,000 IMAGES In the first development phase, more than 2,000 images and essential corporate design elements will be available to all Symrise employees. No one will have to register to find the right images in the future. The entire Symrise workforce is connected to the database. Anyone with a Symrise Group email address automatically has access to the system.

Thanks to additional download filters, the SMC gives you the option to download any image in the exact size you need it (for example, in high resolution or for a PowerPoint presentation). It will automatically be adjusted, formatted and made available to the user.

The new Symrise Media Center is available in multiple languages to meet its global requirements. The navigation and key words are available in English, German and French, and can be set individually by the user. Employees will soon be notified via the SymPortal about when training in the new SMC will take place.

The new platform is here:

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