More than a business relationship

Value-creating partnership in Turkey: Symrise and Meykon jointly developing new raw materials for the beverage industry.

It started with a relatively conventional business relationship: Symrise was looking for a local and experienced juice producer in Turkey that would be able to manufacture high-quality compounds for the beverage industry using regional raw materials. Compounds are specific basic materials for beverages that contain natural flavorings, colorings, vitamins, minerals and extracts in addition to juice concentrates. It found this local partner in the company Meykon, based in Antalya. Meykon invested in the necessary technology to be able to deliver compounds for the Turkish market with the quality and speed desired by Symrise.

This cooperation soon yielded the inspiration to work together in the search for new products. “In this context, the focus was on products made from byproducts resulting from the manufacture of juice concentrates, particularly oils from apricot and cherry pits, from lemon and orange peels, or even from pomegranate seed kernels,” says Baha Tali, Key Account Manager for the Turkish market at Symrise. Meykon brought its experience in dealing with byproducts to the table, and Symrise contributed its expertise in the development of compounds. “This opened up an entire panorama of local raw materials we can use for our beverage development,” says Benjamin Werner, who works in beverage development for Symrise in Nördlingen.

Cooperation also often opens doors to local markets.”

Baha Tali, Key Account Manager

The relationship with Meykon quickly developed into a partnership marked by a free exchange of unconventional ideas between equals. What hidden potential can be found in hazelnuts, fruit or plants? What kind of innovative products could be realized with tea? What flavors can be extracted from the peels of pomegranates? The cooperation between Meykon and Symrise is driven by curiosity and a passion for experimentation. “We are always open to new raw materials and flavors,” says Werner.

The fact that Symrise has found a regional partner for compound production in Meykon holds immense significance for beverage manufacturers in Turkey. “The cooperation also helps open doors to local markets, and gives us the ability to respond to customer requirements with perfectly tailored solutions for compounds and to propose new products featuring novel flavors from byproducts,” says Tali.

Trust, creative dialogue and innovative spirit: It is these pillars that provide the foundation for successful collaboration between Meykon and Symrise – a model Tali and Werner believe can absolutely serve as a blueprint for other divisions. By each contributing their own specific knowledge, the two partners can set trends for the industry and grow together.

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