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The company has about 125 locations worldwide. Exciting things happen at these sites every day in the form of new products and customers, awards and collaborations.

There are currently three members of the Executiv Board: Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram (below), Dr. Jean-Yves Parisot (left) and Olaf Klinger.


Changes at the top

Symrise has made extensive personnel changes to the Executive Board. After more than four decades at Symrise, Heinrich Schaper, the Executive Board member responsible for the Flavor segment, retired and left the company on March 31. His successor is Dr. Jean-Yves Parisot, who took office on April 1 and is assuming this role in addition to his responsibility for the Nutrition segment. In the process, Flavor and Nutrition will be merged into one segment. Scent & Care Executive Board member Achim Daub also left Symrise on March 31 to pursue new professional challenges. Symrise CEO Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram will lead the segment until a final decision is made on his successor. Executive Board member Olaf Klinger will continue to be responsible for the Finance, Legal and IT departments.


Top grades for sustainability

Symrise has consistently implemented its sustainability objectives for years. The nonprofit organization CDP has taken this into account, certifying the company as one of the most sustainable companies in the world in its latest assessment. Once a year, the organization evaluates activities undertaken to combat climate change and protect water supplies and forests. Symrise achieved the best possible result and landed on the A list three times.

This year, 9,600 companies participated. Only ten managed to get the highest A rating from the CDP in all three categories – and Symrise is one of them. This means that the company has once again improved compared to the previous year, when it received an A in the climate and water categories. Many factors play a role in the CDP’s decision. The organization pays attention to whether the company in question is an environmental pioneer and how it deals with environmental risks. Ambitious goals and transparency also play an important role.


Digital workshops on internal processes

During the pandemic and the accom­panying worldwide lockdown, it has not been possible to hold international workshops on internal process optimization on site. Meanwhile, virtual “Fragrance nationalization” events have been introduced in the LATAM region. This internal process, used for global customers such as Avon, Unilever, Coty and Natura, allows fragrances originally introduced in one country to be sold to customers from any Symrise location and to be imported to another country.

To ensure this, quality control teams from both countries are involved in the process, and the customer is included for final approval if necessary. “Fragrance nationalization” results in local production that offers faster and better local delivery in addition to cost savings, by eliminating transportation, export and import fees. The process, which was rolled out in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia over the last year, demonstrates the agility and adaptability of Symrise.

Symrise demonstrates its adaptability with “Fragrance nationalization.”


Collaboration: Pets are now getting their own shampoos

Scent and care products that successfully cater to pets’ sense of smell and also people’s scent preferences? Thanks to the partnership between Consumer Fragrance and Odalia, shampoos that incorporate both will be launched on the market for the first time. Other products will follow. This opens up a unique market niche with great growth potential – with the BUs Consumer Fragrance and Pet Food as innovative pioneers.

Anne Cabotin, Senior Vice President Consumer Fragrance, was involved in the development of the new animal shampoos.


New online presence provides more targeted information

Diana Food has a new website. According to project manager Caroline Avier, Communication Specialist, BU Diana Food, the main menu is now organized into two clear sections, one dedicated to the company and one dedicated to the business. In the company section, visitors can learn more about value chains, innovations, and procurement and sustainability expertise, as well as news and events. In the business section, visitors will find information on trends, applications, natural ingredients and core competencies that reflect strategic decisions.

Visit the website at:


Digital proteins

In early 2021, Flavor hosted two webinars on plant-based proteins in the growing meat and dairy alternatives segments. In January, Dr. Katja Tiitinen, Matthias Hille and Dr. Gerhard Krammer explained three steps to achieve the desired taste in a plant-based product. In February, the focus was on building flavor in milk alternatives. The webinars took place in the trade magazines Foodnavigator and Foodingredients First with up to 900 participants.


Modern leadership

The global pandemic made it clear that the success of companies depends on the health of their workforce and society as well as the well-being of the planet. What is the most effective management style in times like these? To identify options, Symrise launched the “Leadership Coffee & Talk Webinar” in the USA. 65 leadership team members took part to exchange their experiences regarding emotional intelligence, values, empathy and care.


Reinforcement for Business Unit Consumer Fragrance

Karl Sparkuhle, longtime Marketing Director, Consumer Fragrance, EAME Home Care, will retire in April after more than forty years with the company. His role will be assumed by Jorge Antonio Cabrera, who currently leads the regional Home Care marketing team for the LATAM region. In addition, the Business Unit Consumer Fragrance Home Care has been bolstered by two new senior perfumers since the beginning of January and February respectively: Gustavo Facciolla da Fonseca and Thomas Obrocki.


International award for Team Spirit

The Mercury Award has been one of the most prestigious corporate publishing awards for 25 years and is presented by US-based MerComm, Inc., the world’s only independent awards organization. Once a year, the submitted works are evaluated and the winners are awarded. In 2020, the digital version of Team Spirit was among the honorees. The Symrise employee magazine impressed the judges with its content and visual quality.


Diversity and inclusion at Symrise Brazil

Brazil is not only the most populous country in South America; it is also characterized by cultural and ethnic diversity. This is not often reflected in the workplace, though analyses show that integrated workplaces provide significant advantages. These include a willingness to innovate, greater sales growth and significantly increased employee loyalty. For this reason, the diverSym diversity and inclusion program has existed at Symrise Brazil since 2019.

Based on the motto “Differences that inspire,” the goal is to build a safe and inclusive work culture. Race and ethnicity, gender, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ (sexual orientation) are four basic pillars under which issues such as cultural diversity and generational diversity are addressed. Benchmarks for achieving targets were developed and introduced last year. In addition, there were training sessions on leadership development and creation of an inclusive leadership culture, as well as a new diversity guideline for employees and campaigns that will continue this year. Eder Ramos, Global President Fragrance Division and Douglas Gaino, VP Strategic HR LATAM are the patrons of diverSym. Barbara Zabori, Head of Diversity & Social Inclusion, is implementing diverSym with the support of the diversity committee.

You can watch a video on the program here:

Symrise Brazil employees are enthusiastic participants in the diverSym program. The goal of the program is to achieve a respectful work culture regardless of people’s race, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or age.


Webinar series on sustainability in Flavor

Sustainability is an important component of the corporate strategy of Symrise. For this reason, we introduced the new “Flavor Sustainability Communication Toolkit” in October and presented a series of four webinars in October and November. The goal was to address Key Accounts and colleagues in Marketing.

The toolkit contains a variety of materials and is designed to present Flavor’s “Partnering for Sustainable Growth – Positive Impact Beyond Boundaries” approach to sustainability in a structured manner. The webinars generated a great deal of interest. The number of participants considerably exceeded the number of people who were initially invited. Symrise employees are also very passionate about the topic of sustainability – for personal and professional reasons.

Recordings of the webinars can be found in the SymPortal under:


Christmas fundraising campaign

Sustainable donation drives at year-end are a Symrise tradition. In 2020, we supported the “Treedom” project. The goal of the project is to protect a native and endangered tree species and to promote local biodiversity. With the support of Symrise, 400 trees were planted in Madagascar. “Treedom” planted a total of more than 60,000 trees there in 2020. “Together We Care” is a fundraising campaign by all LATAM Flavor and Scent & Care Business Units.

1,133 employees participated in the campaign to decide which institutions in the four regions of Brazil, the Southern Hemisphere, Central America and Mexico, and Colombia, Ecuador and Peru should receive donations.


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