Update to the Symrise corporate design

Corporate design ensures the uniform appearance of a company, to which everyone must adhere. This is a real challenge in a company as broadly based as Symrise.

The new design guidelines form a system of coordinates that offers flexibility depending on the requirements.

In order to keep the corporate design of Symrise in the different areas visually consistent while at the same time giving these areas the independence they need to communicate with their customers in a targeted manner, a Group-wide dialogue was initially held. Employees in various positions were asked about their daily activities and their actual points of contact with the existing corporate design. Based on the results, “brand drivers” were defined. These are adjectives that describe the company and serve to position the brand distinctively in the market.

They were used to develop design elements that make Symrise unmistakable. The result is a system of coordinates that provides the necessary flexibility. It explains how to use layouts, typography and the Symrise logo, and when employees can forgo Symrise Red. The brand drivers are accompanied by newly defined brand features such as typography, visual language and color scheme. An explanatory PDF about corporate design is now available for all employees as both a summary and an extended version. The corporate design guidelines can be found in the SymPortal in the Corporate Communications community, and together with the most important elements in the new Symrise Media Center.

Click here for the new guidelines:

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