To me, nature simply stands for life and the protection of our business.

For businesses, biodiversity is the natural capital upon which almost any economic activity directly or indirectly depends. At the end it’s all about nature. For scientists, nature means the diversity of biological systems: From single cells, their genetic information and biochemical compounds through to organisms, populations, species, ecosystems and, finally, the whole biosphere. For society, the ecosystem services that biodiversity provides to mankind are the ultimate foundation of human existence and human wellbeing. Translating these facts into the Symrise world we can conclude: Nature ensures nutrition, provides scent and taste, promotes health, ensures wellbeing, stands for beauty, inspires human culture and, in the end, touches the senses of all. And this is exactly what our business model is all about. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, Chief Executive Officer, Symrise AG

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