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A successful business depends on functioning supply chains. The Fragrance division is improving theirs with the Material Flow Optimization Program. A cross-functional team is working on one element of this – a structured risk management procedure – under the direction of Purchasing. What exactly is your task?

Uwe Schaar, Global Fragrances Ingredients Crisis management in cases of acute shortage and long-term monitoring of raw material availability are both essential. My extensive experience with fragrance raw materials and their use and stability in various applications helps me with this.

Eva-Maria ­Bartels, Global Lead Buyer Fragrance Chemicals S&C I contribute to the development of new, global key criteria for risk assessment. This means potential risks within our global supply chain network can be identified and assessed early on.

Dr. Anja Finke, Director Innovation & Lean Expert, S&C As a lean expert, I support my colleagues on the project in developing a structured process. We clearly define what has to be done when and why by everyone who is part of the process. The methods for structured development of a process result in transparency and clearly defined responsibilities for everyone involved. This means raw material risk management can be implemented in a targeted manner. To do this, we develop relevant standards with the team, such as key criteria for risk assessment.

Ramkumar Venkataraman, VP Global Sustainable Sourcing & APAC Purchasing S&C I head the project. Our assessments help us recognize potential risks so we can react appropriately when they appear. The project consists of an annual risk assessment of the 50 most important raw materials per region and an acute crisis procedure. We have successfully implemented the new procedure in our management of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Svenja Rehr and Björn Meyer work in Shanghai. The Category Manager Dairy and Sweet and the Category Manager Beverages want to stay in China for three years.

China is very different from how people imagine it. Our Chinese adventure began in January 2019. We took the plunge into the Shanghai metropolis, and more than a year later, we’re still amazed. From culinary delicacies to fascinating history to complete digitalization; you dive right in to a new world here that’s both personally and professionally enriching. We quickly got used to the “convenient” lifestyle: cashless payments, grocery shopping at the click of a mouse, taxi rides at no cost, high safety standards and the airport practically at our doorstep. The speed of “China time” is also reflected in everyday working life: flexibility and spontaneity are basic requirements here. Agile work methods are paramount. Despite weekly classes, the language remains a challenge. Ordering a coffee in Chinese gives you a sense of achievement. China is fascinatingly different, and despite all the roller coaster moments, it’s wonderful.

*Letter from Shanghai **Hello

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