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What are a consumer’s needs? This and other questions are part of our “Route to growth,” an innovation process in Flavor. The process results in a product.

How can Symrise grow? Which consumer and market trends can Symrise serve with existing solutions or new products? “Route to growth” is a process developed by Flavor to promote innovations that are based on mid- and long-term trends and scenarios and is the answer to consumer and market needs. “If we have identified a real consumer need in Marketing and can see that it has commercial potential, we target it in one of our growth platforms,” says Claudius Kohrt, Marketing Director, Flavor EAME. Innovations are developed in a targeted way with the research and development department: They offer a solution to the recognized trend and ultimately contribute to growth and revenue. “We all put ourselves in the consumer’s and our customers’ shoes to drive successful innovations forward.”

“Route to growth” brings together a variety of skill sets to develop market-ready innovations for the future.

Route to Growth

Best-in-class Category Understanding Recognition of market, product and consumer trends and gathering information on consumer and customer needs

Customer insights The trend is toward alcohol-free products: This has been seen in various analyses. Symrise customers must expand their portfolios with alcohol-free alternatives to reach this new consumer group.

Market knowledge Alcohol-free spirits are a new, small category with enormous growth potential. In the past two years there were a large number of market launches.

Product expertise The development of alcohol-free spirits is very complex and brings with it new challenges. The lack of alcohol has a huge influence on various aspects of the product, like intensity and release of flavor, solubility of ingredients and shelf life.

Consumer insights Consumers are becoming more and more interested in a more healthful and controlled lifestyle. This trend is leading to growth in demand for alcohol-free drinks for adults. However, users don’t want to forego the premium taste or social experience.

Fact-based growth platforms Definition of growth platforms Health & Well-Being, Naturalness, Superior Experience and Productivity based on understanding of the best-in-class category and outlining opportunities for sustainable growth. Specification of requirements so we can act successfully.

Health & Well-Being and Naturalness have been defined as growth platforms, leading to the following requirements: The products should be natural and taste authentic. The recipes cannot contain sugar or preservatives and must be allergen-free. To count as alcohol-free in Europe, the alcohol content must be less than 0.5 %.

Outstanding Symrise solutions Definition of a photo finish for a successful solution that meets both consumer needs and customer requirements and clearly positions itself to stand out from the competition.

The Symrise expertise in the development of alcoholic products is applied to alcohol-free alternatives. This means authentic taste profiles such as gin or whisky can be developed in the form of extracts, distillates or natural flavors: Various extraction and distillation processes are used for this purpose.

Existing solution Does a skill set exist that meets these requirements? If not, this is a gap worth filling.

Gap filling Here, research and development projects will close identified gaps with new developments.

IGP Process* / CVPs Introduction of the new innovations from 3.2. or the new range in response to new trends. Sales training and internal rollout of new solutions within existing launch cycles.

Tailor-made customer approach & Co-creation Develop tailor-made solutions for customers. Create ideas and innovations to establish common values and appropriate solutions according to customer needs.

The customers receive a complete solution package. This consists of a broad portfolio of flavor solutions with different ingredients, solvents, labeling options and flavors.

With global, cross-category market expertise, we can realize new business opportunities together.
Dirk Bennwitz, President Flavor EAME

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