Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to its global presence, diversified port­folio, broad customer base and – last but not least – thanks to your commitment, Symrise remains well-positioned, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Under these historic, exceptional circumstances, Symrise continues to be a good and reliable employer – at all its sites around the world.

Symrise’s in-depth knowledge of the needs and wishes of consumers has always made it stand out, and our customers greatly appreciate our expertise when it comes to translating this knowledge into new products. In June, we took the trusting partnership with our global customer Unilever to new heights. Symrise established its own innovation lab at the Unilever Foods Innovation Centre for an even more intensive exchange. By moving in to Appartement Étoile in the heart of Paris, Fine Fragrances has positioned itself closer to its customers, uniting various artistic disciplines with perfumery in a striking manner.

I hope you enjoy reading about it!

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram

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