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Renewable ingredients, less packaging waste and no animal testing – consumers in the cosmetics and care industry are now paying closer attention to sustainability. Symrise wants to meet this customer demand.

The experts from Cosmetic Ingredients use surveys and studies to keep an eye on the market and the opportunities it holds. The CICS 2018 consumer study showed that 79 percent of consumers worldwide are prepared to pay more for products that are made from sustainable ingredients. 91 percent of consumers believe that natural products are safer, and 85 percent think they are the best way to improve skin problems. More than a third of the participants also stated that they could identify products with ingredients from sustainable sources. CONVERTING PRODUCTION These results show that the path Symrise has chosen is the right one: replacing synthetic products with natural, sustainable ones to the greatest extent possible. “Taking care of people and the environment – this is the commitment that drives us,” says Eder Ramos, Global President Cosmetic Ingredients.

For example, SymControl Scalp, a product developed for shampoos, conditioners and tonics, uses a natural ingredient from the Mediterranean microalga Tetraselmis suecica. This alga has the ability to protect itself against environmental influences. “By studying this mechanism, we determined that mannitol – one of these protective osmolytes – is also able to normalize the scalp’s sebum secretion,” says Marcia Paula, Global Product Director Hair Care.

Or take the functional ingredient Sym­Effect™ Sun: It is made completely of natural ingredients, increases the effectiveness of UV filters and the water-resistant effect of sunscreens – in-vivo studies have proven it.

SymEffect™ Sun allows the manufacturer to avoid silicone and synthetic ingredients in sunscreen development and to reduce the total content of synthetic UV filters, all with one ingredient. This is the next step on the way to a higher level of sustainability and naturalness in sunscreen cosmetics. It eliminates the need for both synthetic and silicone-based film formation and SPF-enhancing raw materials. In addition, SymEffect™ Sun is compatible with various natural thickeners, thus helping to avoid microplastic-based thickeners and to increase the natural ingredients of sunscreen formulations according to ISO standard 16128. Since all ingredients are biodegradable, the product is an environmentally friendly way to improve a lot of aspects of sunscreen emulsions. Recently, SymEffect™ Sun even won first prize at the BSB Innovation Awards in the category “Functionals” – which strengthens Symrise in its strategy of promoting sustainability as an integral part of its business model.

As a result, a total of four Cosmetic Ingredients business units are working on implementing their own sustainability measures. “Each business unit decides for itself which measures it will take to implement this strategy,” explains Marie-Pascale Rogier, Global Project Leader Nagoya, Natural Sourcing & Sustainability. “Not every unit has similar products or customers, so the opportunities differ as well.”

Algae and cranberry are some of the raw materials that Cosmetic Ingredients use in their products.

The desire for more sustainability is not just a trend.

Marie-Pascale Rogier, Global Project Leader Nagoya, Natural Sourcing & Sustainability

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