Consumers go for “the local soft drink”

It’s the basic principle of the market economy: demand determines supply. Symrise subsidiary DrinkStar really grills its consumers to find out what they want so it can deliver. What customers want in 2020 is first and foremost local sourcing, naturalness and sustainability.

Rosenheim-based beverage specialist DrinkStar is behind beverage brands such as Deit, Frucade, Gröbi and Tri Top. The wholly-owned Symrise subsidiary acts as an independent trading company with its brands, primarily in Germany and Austria. Depending on the market, DrinkStar either allocates licenses or offers companies the use of their own sales and distribution.

The Tri Top syrup brand and sugar-free soft drinks from Deit have been particularly popular in Germany for decades and are still successful on supermarket shelves. This works so well because the specialists in Rosenheim are precisely aware of consumers’ preferences and do all they can to fulfill them – for instance, with regard to product development. With “Princess and the Pea,” DrinkStar has a plant-based milk alternative in its product range and is thereby entering a new market segment.

But existing brands like Frucade must also continue to be developed. “We make use of various studies to find out exactly what consumers want,” says Volkmar Goebel, Director of Marketing at DrinkStar. “For a traditional brand like Frucade, it’s particularly important that we are always in the know about trends and customer preferences. Though we have relied on a traditional design and regional production for decades, we still have to keep an overview of the entire market,” says Volkmar.

German consumers were surveyed online, by phone, or in writing by a renowned market research institute. The Frucade team is especially pleased with the result: “Frucade – the local soft drink” is considered the most sustainable brand in the beverage segment. Its regional production, the quality of its ingredients and its environmentally friendly packaging are especially important to consumers. “We see that the returnable glass bottles are well received,” says Roland Bittermann, Managing Director of DrinkStar. “What we’ve been doing for years is becoming a trend again. We’re delighted about the accolade and are taking it as a compliment from consumers.”

Marketing Manager Volkmar Goebel and Managing Director Roland Bittermann (r.) meet the tastes of consumers. The photo was taken before the coronavirus.

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