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Consumer behavior has changed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. What insights have you gained for your area and how is it reacting to them?

Jeannine Dzuroska, Global Vice President, Consumer & Market Insights, Scent & Care The way we work has changed. On the one hand, there are new ways to get in contact with consumers (virtual co-creation sessions, live online interviews, new smelling protocols, etc.) and on the other hand, there is an increased focus on strategic projects to predict consumer behavior and deliver holistic solutions.

Heike Werner, Director Corporate Communications – Market Research I primarily focus on what’s going on in the market. Recently I evaluated the half-year figures of our customers and competitors. My questions: Consumer behavior changed during the pandemic. How will this affect the market in the long term? Which new behaviors will consumers retain after the crisis, and which will they abandon? Further observation in the upcoming quarters will show short-, mid- and long-term trends.

Sandra Corneau, Global Director Sensory & Consumer Insights Beyond the massive shift in online buying for essentials, this unprecedented crisis has also significantly disrupted dynamics behind the meals. Families have been spending more time preparing and eating meals together. People were also snacking more between meals for ‘pick-me-up’ moments throughout their working from home day. Consumers are likely to continue cooking food at home instead of eating out, being mindful about their spending. This crisis has also accelerated the existing consumer demand for clean label, product quality and transparency, with a new focus on Health & Immunity. Healthy snacks and products that provide easy and affordable at-home cooking solutions will be important areas of innovation.

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