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High-quality, sustainable and safe cosmetic products – that’s what connects the customers of Symrise. Now there is a digital platform that makes product protection even easier.

We are constantly working on further improvements in product protection,” says Yohanna Sander, who is respon­sible for this in the Cosmetic Ingredients divi­sion (CI). This involves ingredients that protect cosmetics against microbial growth. The HOGO platform, which was launched at the beginning of October, should make the formulation process easier and faster for cos­metics man­u­facturers looking for the highest product pro­tection. The word HOGO comes from Japanese, meaning protec­tion or care. The platform gives customers mobile access to compre­hensive, detailed information on ingre­dients, data on efficacy and a wide range of potential combina­tions. The new on­line platform can also quickly provide dosage recommendations and infor­ma­tion on any appli­cable regulatory require­ments, if desired. A sophisti­cated filter and search system makes this possible.

The idea for HOGO came to Yohanna two years ago. “I wanted to develop a tool that centralizes our portfolio and possible so­lu­tions and gives both our customers and our sales team a unique instrument,” she explains. After the idea had been fleshed out and the already existing, sim­ilarly positioned tools on the market had been analyzed, the startup INFLOWS was brought in as an external partner in 2019 to develop HOGO in collaboration with the team from the BU Micro Protection, CI Operational Marketing and CI Commu­nication. The final step was to get the em­ployees from the labs and the sales team to provide their extensive user feedback.

We hope that HOGO will become the reference in the market for personal care products when it comes to product protection.

Yohanna Sander, Director Global Product Management at Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients (CI)

A PLATFORM WITH BACKGROUND Starting next year, the platform should also contain edi­torial background infor­mation. “We hope that HOGO will become the reference in the market for personal care products when it comes to product protection,” says Yohanna. Another im­portant feature of the new platform: It doesn’t just show solutions that exclu­sively combine Symrise ingredients – it also shows solutions that inte­grate other products on the market.

GREAT INTEREST The response to HOGO has been very positive so far. In the first ten days, Yohanna says, the platform was used 760 times and SymSelect logons – the CI website, which HOGO provides access to – were up by 20 percent. Yohanna is very satisfied with the results so far, she con­tinues, “The platform was developed with the thought that it would become an indispensable tool for formu­lators in their daily work. We’re on the right path to achiev­ing this goal.”

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