Expertise, inside and out

Security is one of Tesium’s main business areas. This expertise is a big competitive advantage that the Symrise subsidiary also offers to companies outside the Group. Tesium’s customer base includes companies such as August Storck, Covestro, Henkel and Stiebel Eltron.

Consulting at the customer Abfallwirtschaft Holzminden (AHW): Holger Paetz (left) and Knut Runge, safety officers at AWH, at the waste presorting facility in Holzminden.

On the phone with Stefan Schwarze. On the other end of the line is the Managing Director of a cosmetics manufacturer that is already a Symrise customer. Symrise customer service repre­sen­ta­tives have recommended Tesium’s operational security concepts to him, and he wants to take advantage of them. “Ideally, this is how we reach our customers,” says Stefan, who oversees sales and marketing at Tesium. After all, the Symrise subsidiary for technology, security and environment has offered its services externally since 2006. “This all started with a deci­sion by the Executive Board,” says Kai Wedding, Head of Sales and Marketing at Tesium. “It gives us the opportunity to show that we are inde­pendent and competitive.” And of course, Symrise also benefits. This means that even when our col­leagues visit customers as experts, they always learn something new. And Symrise can benefit from this knowledge. “This isn’t a one-way street. We’re as successful as we are because of this experience curve,” Kai makes clear. This pertains to facility planning and the EMSR planners, who specialize in measuring, control and regulation. It also involves expertise in security topics as well as all workshops. “Unlike at a strictly engineering office, at Symrise we learned the importance of working closely with businesses,” explains Kai. “This makes us successful out­side the Group as well, because it gives us a huge practical back­ground from which we benefit.” Since the external business has been very suc­cessful for years, the company was able to hire additional employees. This simultaneously increases our flexi­bility for Symrise.

Tesium offers two security operations models externally: One is safety-related supervision by specialists in industrial security, which is based on a service contract. In cases where operations are expanded, new facilities are added or new ingredients or processes are intro­duced, security experts are involved in the planning early on – and preferably for the entire process includ­ing the launch of operations. Full or partial supervision takes place over the course of an allotted period of time. Industrial security specialists also take on individual projects as consultants, thereby enabling the contractor to com­ply with all safety regulations. “We always plan under realistic oper­ating conditions – that’s the way we see ourselves. In line with our motto “Down to detail,” we strive to successfully com­plete projects in precise detail, and to customize them for and with every customer,” continues Kai. “You need to listen to them closely so you know what the busi­ness needs and you can commu­nicate for the duration of the project,” adds Stefan. When Stefan Schwarze and Kai Wedding receive a request, they look to see which of the roughly 270 employees is best suited for the job. “This requires precise coordination,” says Kai, since the col­leagues all have something to do for Symrise or Symotion. The same prin­ci­ple applies to all new projects: They can only be accepted once pending tasks are clear and the time they will require has been defined. This holds true for the cos­metics manufacturer’s request as well.

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